Women Association of Rural Larnaka (lead partner)

Women Association of Rural Larnaca is a non-profit organisation (NGO) that, among others scopes, promotes the entrepreneurship of its members and volunteering. WARL currently has 380 members (women from rural mountainous District of Larnaca dealing with production of local traditional products). It is governed by a nine-member board of directors. The board of directors act in a volunteering manner for promoting the scope of the WARL. The Association participates in programmes that have to do with the fight against the social exclusion, promotes the gender equality and volunteering. Furthermore, the WARL establishes cooperation with companies and institutions in order to organise different activities for its members such as training seminars, workshops, study visits. Moreover, WARL organizes every year an annual festival for promoting traditional products and also participate in European programs.

Women Association of Rural Larnaca (W.A.R.L) is a Non-Governmental Organisation that has been established since 2004 and has currently  about 400  members, who are women from rural mountainous District of Larnaca. The members deal with production of local traditional products and traditional handicrafts. The main purposes of the Association is to promote the entrepreneurship of its member and to maintain the Cypriot traditional customs and the traditional authentic local products that they consist   inseparable part of our culture. .Also, to develop cooperation with other organisations which share the same interests with the Association. 

Traditional Cultures

One of the most important activities  of the Association that has a special weight, is the conception of culture. In our organisation we have a unique manner to approach the term culture, We face culture from its local dimension and we try to conserve it and expand it through the old and present generations. For this reason  we have been dedicated  for 12 years in organising an annual event with the name ‘’Festival of traditional culture’’ which take place in October. In this festival we celebrate traditional culture and cultural life of around 20 villages of the district. In this Festival they take place exhibitions with traditional products and there is demonstration of traditional art crafts from our members. Also, there are celebrations with traditional music and dancing. Apart from that there is a series of seminars in some types of traditional arts in order to educate the member about culture’s sector constantly.

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