The Women Association of Rural Larnaca (WARL) has a multifaceted action, which is not only limited to the local level but also extends to its involvement in national and European initiatives and opportunities for cooperation with related organizations that share common visions and goals.

The purpose of establishing the WARL was initially to promote the entrepreneurship of its members, to seek and find new labor markets so that the professions / occupations of rural women are sustainable and productive. Another purpose of the Association is to promote and maintain the Cypriot tradition and especially the local idiomatic culture.

The WARL promotes especially the traditional authentic products through events, workshops, workshops, exhibitions and seminars. It also participates in annual national exhibitions and festivals that promote a healthy lifestyle and traditional products. Among other things, WARL organizes excursions either within Cyprus or abroad, thus giving its members the opportunity to combine entertainment with education and achance to rest from their busy daily schedules.

The WARL has been initiated an impotant festival which is called the "Festival of Traditional Culture" which is organised annually, every 1st of October. This festival is hosted and supported every year by a different Community of Rural Larcaca and aims to promote agritourism and local traditional products.During this festival workshops are organised demostating the procedure of the preparation of traditional local products and such food and traditional products are exposed for sale. Members of our Association are the ones who participate in the festival, promoting their work , either traditional food, traditional products, or handicrafts.



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